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What Students in Auto Technology School Should Know About MDGo

AI technology and cars seem to be a match made in heaven. From advances towards self-driving capabilities to accident reporting, there’s a lot that AI can bring to cars—including this…
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3 Job Opportunities You Might Not Expect to Get Following Your Dispatch Training

Dispatching: it’s a world full of possibilities. All over the country, dispatchers play an essential role in making sure that shipments reach their destinations. That helps keep store shelves stocked,…
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Why Taking an Automotive Technology Program in Toronto Is a Great Idea

Toronto isn’t just about the CN Tower, the Raptors, and Drake—it loves its cars, too. You may not realize it, but Toronto is a great place to learn about vehicles…
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A Look at the Evolution of Hood Ornaments for Students in Auto Body Schools

Hood ornaments: they stuck out like a sore thumb, but they sure made a car look classy. Although they were once a sign of coolness and great branding, they are…
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If You’re Going to Become a Mechanic, You’ll Want to See the Arquus Scarabée Drive Sideways

Looking for a car you can drive literally in any direction? Then you’ll want to check out the Scarabée from Arquus, a subsidiary of renowned Swedish car company Volvo. The…
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