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[Infographic] From Fender-Bender to Faultless: The Anatomy of an Auto Body Repair Job

  One of the hard realities of life is that, sooner or later, cars get a little damaged. Dents, bumps, and scratches can accumulate over the years to make a…
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Heading to Auto Mechanic College? Check out These Car Storage Tips

When you become a trusted mechanic, customers may ask you for advice on car care.  One area they might need guidance in is long-term car storage. A luxury car owner…
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A Look at Grave Digger, for Fans in Auto Mechanic College

With gigantic tires, heavy duty suspension, and a supersized height, monster trucks are far from your average family sedan. Monster truck events usually feature both a race and a freestyle…
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The 4 Most Interesting Steering Wheels You Can Encounter in an Auto Career

The steering wheel doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. That’s surprising, because it is arguably the part of the car that drivers spend the most time with. Literally, it’s…
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A Guide to Spoilers for Students in Auto Body Schools

When air flows around a car, it can create two things. First, it causes drag, which is a force that runs parallel and in the same direction as airflow, resisting…
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