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Thinking of Being an Auto Service Advisor? 5 Ways Millennials Are Changing Customer Service

An automotive service advisor’s job is to act as a liaison between auto mechanics and customers. They interpret concerns from the customer and translate them into technical language for the…
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Find Out Why Ferrari’s V8 Engine Won Engine of the Year if You Want to Become a Mechanic

For the past 20 years, a global team of nearly 70 automotive journalists has handed out the acclaimed International Engine of the Year Awards. The awards, broken down into 12…
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Tesla Unveils the Model Y: Here’s What Students in Auto Mechanic College Should Know

Standard range production of the Tesla Model Y is set for early 2021. With a 483 km EPA range estimate, a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, 66 cubic feet of…
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3 Things for Students in Auto Body Repair Courses to Know About New Developments in Carbon Fibre

In 1981, the McLaren MP4/1 Formula One race car became the first motor vehicle to use a carbon fibre chassis. Ever since then, automotive enthusiasts have obsessed over this lightweight…
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3 Things to Know About the 2020 Toyota Corolla if You’re Considering an Auto Repair Career

The new 12th generation Toyota Corolla is a car worth noting if you like to keep up with auto news. And with very little changed since 2013, it was time…
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