Make 2019 the Year You Pursue Your Auto Detailing Career! 3 Ways to Step Out of Your Career Comfort Zone

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If you’re stuck in a career rut and dream of a job in the automotive industry—but haven’t done anything to make that dream a reality—then you may have fallen victim to the career comfort zone. You may not particularly like your current career, but you’re so used to it that going through the motions every day has become more comfortable than actually pursuing an automotive detailing career you’re sure you’d like more.

With the New Year rolling around, now is the perfect time to finally get out of your career comfort zone. We’ll take a look at three things you can do to make sure 2019 is the year you break out of your rut.

Stop Thinking of a Comfortable Career as Being the Same as a Secure Career

It’s tempting to think that because a job is comfortable, it is also secure. In fact, staying at one job for too long can decrease your job security. That job could one day be gone thanks to layoffs or automation. When that happens, you could find yourself without the skills that employers are looking for because you failed to develop new skills while coasting along in your “comfortable” job. The best thing you can do for your job security is to develop skills today for the jobs that will be in demand tomorrow, such as jobs in the automotive sector.

Just Daydreaming About an Auto Detailing Career Won’t Make it Happen

Dreaming about how much fun an auto detailing career could be can make those long days at work go by faster, but it isn’t going to actually get you out of your current job. What you need is a plan. Create that plan by finding out what training you need for your desired career, how long it will take you to complete that training, and set a date for when you can realistically quit your current job and begin your dream job. Go online or to your local auto shop and talk to people who are in the industry. Many will be more than happy to share their wisdom with you. Once you have a plan with specific goals and deadlines, you’re much more likely to make it a reality—and to feel a lot more empowered as you do so.

Don’t just daydream about an auto detailing career—have a plan to make it happen
Don’t just daydream about an auto detailing career—have a plan to make it happen

Avoid Finding Excuses Once You Decide You Need to Enroll in Auto Detailing Courses

Even when you know you want a new career, it’s easy to sabotage yourself by throwing arbitrary roadblocks in your way. Perhaps, for example, you’ve known for a long time that you want an auto detailing career, but you’ve come up with excuses to delay making that career switch a reality. You may have said you’ll enroll in courses, but only after the holidays, or after you’ve banked a couple more pay cheques, or after you’ve bought a new sofa for the living room. The truth is that no time is ever going to be “just right.” Instead of finding excuses, take the plunge and enroll in an auto detailing course sooner rather than later.

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