The 2019 Audi Q8: The Sporty SUV that’s Getting Students in Mechanic Programs Excited

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Competition between car manufacturers is ferocious, especially when it comes to the latest flavour of the month—the SUV. These bulky, powerful vehicles are dominating the new car market and it seems that Canadians can’t get enough of them. The 2019 Audi Q8 aims to build on this consumer sentiment by adapting its existing Q7 SUV to a slightly smaller version with a sportier feel.

The Q8 has been making a lot of positive impressions ahead of its release at the end of this year. It takes inspiration from its famous former sports car, the Quattro, which became a motorsport icon in rallying circles. The Q8 doesn’t do high speed cornering like its ancestor, but it’s a vehicle that successfully combines high performance and practicality. Here’s a rundown on what’s getting car industry professionals so excited.

The Q8 Is a Pleasure to Drive with High Performance and Clever Suspension

There’s so much to like about the way this car feels when it’s on the road. Despite its SUV size, it moves and handles excellently with a three-litre V6 engine under the hood, producing 335 horsepower. That’s competitive in the sporty SUV market, but Audi has gone the extra mile in giving it an added edge in performance.

Professionals with a car repair career are increasingly encountering vehicles incorporating hybrid technology, and the Q8 is no exception. A 48-volt battery pack stores enough power to allow drivers to coast while driving without using any fuel. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference but could save drivers a few dollars between trips to the fuel pump.

The sporty feel of the Q8 is down to much more than power stats. The complex suspension system allows drivers to raise and lower the ride height by 90 millimeters depending on the driving environment. This makes a huge difference for thrill seekers who want to get the most from their Q8 on smooth roads.


Students in a Mechanic Program Will Be Amazed by the Comfort of the Q8

Drivers looking for non-stop thrills would, of course, look for something smaller than an SUV. The great thing about these vehicles is their ability to mix excitement with the space to carry an entire family. The Q8 is really impressing people with its trunk space and passenger space. It’s a comfortable place to be with sports seats coming as standard and plenty of gadgets. There are three separate screens around the driver, allowing them to adjust everything from air temperature to the previously mentioned air suspension.

Despite the power, frameless windows, and big wheels, Audi has pulled off a remarkable job in creating a quiet seating environment for passengers. This makes it an ideal car for the school run, as well as more exciting journeys on wider roads.

This Audi Enters a Market with a lot of SUV Competition

Audi hasn’t released the official price tag for the Q8, but it’s expected to be upwards of $80,000. Students in a mechanic program are paying attention to the intense competition in the SUV market. The Q8 will go up against the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe as well as the fascinating new Lamborghini Urus. The Urus and Q8 actually share a lot of the same architecture, owed to the fact that Lamborghini is also under Audi’s ownership. Whoever comes out on top, the next generation of mechanics should get used to working with these striking and powerful SUVs, which we might all be seeing more of.

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