Detroit Auto Show Highlights: 3 Big Takeaways for Students Taking Automotive Courses

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It’s no secret that the Detroit Auto Show has lost some of its previous panache. Squished in too closely to the LA Auto Show in December and the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the month, it’s hard for automakers to save a few ground-breaking announcements for Detroit. Many big names, including Mazda and Volvo, couldn’t even be bothered to try.

However, for any auto show with a hundred-year history, a few dips in popularity are inevitable. And while the Detroit Auto show might not have packed some of its previous punch, it was far from a time waster. Here are just some of the top highlights for interested students.

Ford Ranger: A Welcomed Comeback for Many

This year’s Detroit Auto Show was a little less international and a little more local in scope. Rather than focus on forward-thinking concepts, which were few and far between, this year’s show was more interested in the here and now. Trucks and SUVs, which are hugely popular south of the border, were the biggest draw in Detroit, with Ford putting in some big efforts on that front.

Students in auto technician training might remember that the Ford Ranger was discontinued back in 2011. The midsized truck had been a favourite among Canadians and Americans alike, with sales doing well on both sides of the border. Now, this much-loved truck will be making a comeback, with Ford announcing its return in 2019. While performance specs for it are still TBA, it will be equipped with a 2.3-litre turbo four-cylinder engine, which should hold some promise.

Lamborghini Moves Forward with an SUV That Will Impress Any Grad of Automotive Courses

The idea of a prestigious luxury car producer jumping into the admittedly huge SUV market isn’t so crazy anymore. Porsche has long been active in that market, and Ferrari announced its entrance last year, but it doesn’t make it any less fascinating to see a pedigree brand like Lamborghini wheel out an SUV, as it did during the Detroit Auto Show—even if it was off-site at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Urus represents the Italian manufacturer’s first major foray into the modern sport utility field, but it came packaged with performance stats that will continue to set speed freaks’ hearts aflutter. The Urus boasts a twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that delivers 0-100 kmph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 304 km/h.

The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Could Be a Glimpse Into Things to Come

While concept cars weren’t the big talking point of the Detroit Auto Show, they weren’t missing entirely. Nissan brought in a couple of concept cars to show off to crowds, including the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept. Its sleek design, complete with serene curves and a tranquil interior, showed what might be in the works for future Infinity models.

Check out the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept’s stunning looks here:

What might be even more exciting for students in automotive courses, though, is the new tech included inside. The concept boasted new semi-autonomous driving technology with the ability to maintain safe distances between cars on the highway and stay safely in the middle of lanes. Those capabilities make highway driving even more of a breeze, which might be why these features have been packaged under the name ProPILOT. The concept car also came equipped with a new variable compression turbo engine, pointing at some pretty exciting possibilities. For students ready to launch their careers, this new concept could be a fun sneak peek into what might be just around the corner.

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