A Look at The Top Dispatch Software for Students in Dispatcher Training

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Specialty software makes the business world go round, including for dispatchers. They help with keeping track of shipments, dollar amounts, inventory, and all kinds of other important information and numbers that can help you be more efficient with your dispatching duties.

For 2017, a few key contenders sit atop the list of software used within the industry. In your future career, you might even use one of these applications to facilitate getting your work completed.

Here are some of the top applications available for dispatchers today.

RTA Fleet Management Is Commonly Used in Dispatching Careers in the Auto Industry

A good, rather complete solution for handling the responsibilities that dispatching professionals encounter in their daily work is the RTA Fleet Management application. This app is meant to track many different kinds of expenses and data that fleet managers and dispatchers need to know, including things like preventive repair schedules, fuel costs, vehicle tracking, and more.

Pricing for RTA Fleet Management is dependent on factors like the type of industry the software will be used for, as well as the number of vehicles present in the fleet. Overall, it is quite a popular option with dispatchers, and is employed by some high-profile brands. In fact, it could well be the system you end up using in your future career after dispatcher training.

WorkWave’s Cloud-Based Fleet Management Services Are Great for Pros in Dispatching Careers

For slick, cloud-based fleet management, WorkWave offers a number of applications that can be very helpful. Of particular note is the WorkWave Route Manager, which offers very useful features that can help graduates of dispatcher training go about their work. Advanced route planning functionality, with the option to make adjustments on the fly, GPS tracking for fleet vehicles, and real-time ETAs for transits in progress, are all available within the software.

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WorkWave can help dispatchers direct and track vehicles in real time

Keeping on top of vehicle location and the status of routes being completed are hugely important for dispatchers with careers in the auto industry, meaning the features within this application suite can be great for simplifying some of the most common tasks that need to be done.

Dossier Systems Offers a Useful Tool for Professionals in Dispatching Careers

Dossier Systems’ fleet management software is more in line with RTA’s offerings than those of WorkWave. It offers features like predictive scheduling of maintenance, to help ensure vehicles are kept in good working shape; dedicated tire management functionality, to keep track of when specific tires on specific trucks should be replaced; personnel management; and many more useful features.

Across its features, Dossier’s offerings cover many of the most time-consuming or financially essential features dispatchers need to consider. In fact, tires are often one of the top expenses for trucking companies! As a result, this software can be a great help to many professionals working in dispatching. Don’t be surprised if you end up using this software solution once you begin your career.

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Useful features, like tire management, can be found in Dossier Systems’ software

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