A Look at the Most High-Tech Vehicles for Students in Auto Service College

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Out of necessity or desire, many people spend a lot of their time in cars. As such, they enjoy having little comforts and luxuries available to them when they’re in there, and when it comes to comfort and luxury, it’s tough to beat the convenience and sheen offered by a high-quality tech product.

So what are the best high-tech vehicles around for the gearhead with a love of tech (or a techie with a love of cars)? Here’s a look at the cream of the crop for 2017.

As An Auto Parts Specialist, You’ll Find a Lot of Great Tech in the BMW 750i

The BMW 750i is a very flashy, very tech-heavy car. Inside, you’ll find multiple displays—one for navigation and media playback in the front, and at least two in the back for playing video—along with a Bowers & Wilkins surround sound speaker system. People in the front seat can also use gesture controls to answer phone calls and adjust the volume—perhaps not especially useful for many people, but high-tech all the same.

By far the coolest part of the 750i experience is the “Executive Lounge,” located in the back seat. There, occupants can enjoy the massaging technology built into the seat, and also have access to a little touch screen that controls seat positioning, air conditioning settings, and other useful features for in the car.

You can find intelligent cruise control and automatic parking features in the 750i, but the car doesn’t have the same level of autonomous capability that you find in some other cars out there. Nonetheless, the wealth of goodies in the 750i means an auto parts specialist would probably have lots of fun working on it.

The Mercedes-Benz S65 Has Interesting Design to Complement Great Tech

There’s no mistaking the Mercedes-Benz S65 as anything other than a car meant for people looking for the latest and greatest in design and technology. The car incorporates an animated digital information console, a head-up display—so named because it was designed to be viewable without needing to take your eyes off the road—and some driver-assist technology that makes it easier to take corners and sharp curves without sacrificing speed or safety.

The S65 doesn’t top the list for high-tech capability because its semi-autonomous features are a bit lacking compared to some other models. While its steering and lane-change assist features are valuable tools for improving the driving experience of its occupants, they don’t quite take over the way techies want their cars to nowadays. Nonetheless, you will see many interesting components and sensors in this car if ever you do auto parts work on it after auto service college.

Auto Parts Specialists Agree: The Tesla Model S (2018) Seems Like the Techie Car to Beat

As far as high-tech automotive offerings go, it’s tough to top the Tesla Model S (2018). Tesla’s vehicles have long been a tech showcase, packing in giant touchscreens, wireless updating, remote accessibility through apps, and other great features that make life nicer and easier. Newer models even pack in a “medical grade” HEPA air filter, which cleans nearly all of the allergens and other pathogens from air taken into the vehicle.

The pinnacle of the Model S’ tech genius is that it (along with its siblings, the Model X and the upcoming Model 3), also packs in some pretty advanced self-driving capability, which allows drivers to get around in certain situations without needing to be active behind the wheel. For now, it stands apart for semi-autonomous driving, though you’ll likely see some similarly capable vehicles shortly after graduation.

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The Tesla Model S has some of the best autonomous driving features around

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