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4 Signs You’re Destined for a Career as an Auto Service Advisor

When you visit an auto service location, you don’t walk straight up to a mechanic working under a car’s hood and start gushing about that pesky engine issue that’s been…
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Pro Tips for Detailing Classic Cars After Automotive Detailing Certification Training

Once you begin your career as an auto detailer, you will detail numerous modern cars and vehicles, but occasionally, you’ll be asked to spruce up something really special. Classic cars…
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Automotive Technician Training 101: Signs It’s Time to Replace the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

The engine coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is a crucial component in most modern car engines. Its role is to continuously measure the temperature of the engine’s coolant, often by continuously…
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4 Tips for Selling Pre-Owned Vehicles During Your Car Sales Career

Canadian automotive sales are red hot at the moment. More and more people are buying up cars, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for ambitious auto sales professionals…
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Futuristic Security Tech for Classic Porsches? What Pros With Careers in the Auto Industry Need to Know

When it comes to premium cars with an intrinsic sense of class, Porsche will always be amongst the first that spring to mind. However, ever since the German premium producer…
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