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New ‘Carwall Security’ System Unveiled: 2 Ways it May Impact Students of Auto Repair Programs

Earlier this year, automotive news was buzzing with stories that detailed what happens when hackers are able to get into a vehicles’ electronic control units (ECUs). A video that went…
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Budgeting After Dispatch School: 3 Money-Saving Fleet Management Tips

Monitoring expenses and budgeting are some of the most important practices in any business. Whether a business is thriving or going through a rough patch, budgeting can eliminate unnecessary spending…
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A Brief History of the Montreal Grand Prix for Auto Mechanic College Students

Montreal’s yearly Grand Prix is often hailed as one of the best in the world for a multitude of reasons. The unpredictable weather and the beautifully designed Circuit Gilles Villeneuve…
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How Canada’s ‘Car Czar’ is Working Towards a Better Future for Auto Sales College Grads

Great news for students going into auto sales; the auto industry is booming. Investment in new auto plants rose 37% last year to $24.1 billion USD and 2015 was a…
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Professional Automotive Detailing 101: How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer

Pressure washing a car can make it look new once again, and should be a tool that every auto detailing professional knows how to operate effectively. Pressure washers operate by…
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