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3 Amazing Video Game Inspired Cars Auto Mechanic Training Students Must See

When it comes to video games, the automotive industry has quite a few examples of life imitating art. Over the years, engineers and designers all over the world have created…
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3D Printed Cars? 2 Things Automotive Mechanic College Students Should Know About Olli

Self-driving cars seem to be making a lot of news headlines these days, as companies from all over the world continue to make breakthroughs in the technology that are worth…
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Volkswagen is Going Green! 3 Upcoming Changes Explained for Students in Service Advisor Courses

Automotive giant Volkswagen (VW), the second largest auto manufacturer in the world, is beginning to make the move to more eco-friendly practices and vehicles. Volkswagen is coming off the heels…
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Ford and The First Affordable Car: A Brief History For Automotive Course Students

Before Henry Ford created the Model T, it was mainly horses and buggies that populated the streets of North America. Only the very wealthy could afford to buy a car,…
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How Does Tiptronic Transmission Work? 3 Facts for Future Auto Technicians

With as little as 2% of young Canadian drivers now learning to drive stick, automatic transmission is very much the standard for most Canadian cars. For those that can drive…
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