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Breathe Easy: A Guide to Dust Masks for Future Auto Painting Professionals

Protecting your lungs is one of the most important safety precautions you can take when working in an auto body or custom paint shop. When paint, clear coats, and primers…
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Ford Uses New Auto Technology to Boost Fuel Economy in the All-New F-150

Ford recently announced that its lineup of 2017 F-150 pickups, which includes the all-new 2017 Raptor, will feature engine technology that’s designed to help drivers save money on gas—an automatic…
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[Infographic]: Buy vs Lease a Car

Debates over buying versus leasing cars can get pretty heated! On the one hand, many consumers love the idea of owning an asset outright; while it seems just as many…
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3 Things Not To Do When You Become an Automotive Service Writer

Automotive service writers play a critical role in any car dealership or garage. This is mainly because these professionals act as the link between customers and mechanics. In fact, they…
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Here’s Why You Won’t See a Self-Driving Porsche During Your Auto Mechanic Career

How do you feel about self-driving cars? Auto mechanic students might be impressed by the autonomous technology being developed by automakers and various Silicon Valley companies. However, they also tend…
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