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Why Dispatch Courses Teach Students to Maintain Good Relationships with Drivers

In the transportation industry, drivers and dispatchers play two of the most critical roles in day-to-day business operations. While drivers are out hauling loads and making good on delivery schedules,…
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5 Car Maintenance Myths Debunked

It’s a fact: when it comes to basic car maintenance, drivers need to get their facts straight. Mechanics know—even drivers with the best intentions often throw money away on unnecessary…
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Paint Guns: What You’ll Need To Know Before Starting Your Automotive Painting Career

Spray guns are used as the standard way of applying an even coat of paint to vehicle panels without having to worry about brush strokes affecting a car’s finished look….
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Calling All Future Auto Technicians! Lotus Unveils 2 Versions Of Its Elise Sport

It’s been four years since the Lotus Elise last graced North American roads. The expiry of the smart airbag exemption meant that the lightweight sports car was no longer compliant…
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Infographic: Transmission Care for Your Car

Your car’s transmission is an important and pricey component. When it works well, drivers can easily shift between gears, speed up, and slow down. When it’s not working so well,…
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