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6 Skills You’ll Need to Become a Successful Automotive Service Advisor

If variety is what you’re after, becoming an automotive service advisor is a great career choice. Your day-to-day tasks could range from liaising with customers and technicians, to sourcing parts…
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Cadillac Combines More Luxury, Automotive Technology and Space in a New Line of Crossovers

Cadillac, the American automotive giant recently announced an important addition to its vehicle line up—the all-new XT5 crossover. The automaker revealed that the XT5 will be replacing its current SRX…
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The Works of George Barris: Remembering a Man Every Auto Body Technician Aspires to Become

Legendary custom car builder George Barris recently passed away at the age of 89. Barris produced some of the most iconic vehicles seen on television and the silver screen throughout…
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5 Performance-Boosting Car Features You’ll See During Your Auto Mechanic Career

On today’s competitive automotive scene, car producers are releasing more and more performance-enhancing modifications to catch the consumer’s eye. Companies are going the extra mile with simple bolt-on or add-in…
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A Quick Guide to Engine Cooling Systems for Students Pursuing Automotive Careers

In full flight, your car’s engine actually generates enough excess heat to comfortably heat two houses. Despite recent advances in fuel efficiency, only about 30% of the energy generated by…
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