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Testimonial from Brenda Holmes

After being unemployed for two years I returned to school to pursue a new career. I spent most of my life working with people, so going into the transportation field…
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Ontario to Allow Testing of Self-Driving Cars: An Update for Aspiring Auto Technicians

Are you interested in pursuing auto technology training? With the right certification, you’ll be part of the future of auto technology. And in that future, you might see cars rolling…
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Turbochargers vs. Superchargers: An Intro to Car Repair Training

Ever wondered why a luxury sports car makes that satisfying roar when it’s revving up? What you’re hearing is either a turbocharger or a supercharger. These are the two main…
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Enrolled in Auto Mechanic School? Here’s How Car Electrical Systems Work!

The best auto mechanics know that a car is only as good as its electrical system. While a powerful engine gives a car the ‘wow’ factor,  a solid wiring job…
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The Auto Mechanics of Ferrari’s F12 TdF Will Blow You Away

Italian automaker Ferrari recently came up with a unique way of paying homage to the automotive Tour de France—the company unveiled a stunning new model, the F12 TdF. Since Ferrari…
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