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Frankfurt Motor Show 2015: A Recap for Students Enrolled in Auto Schools

The Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the largest and most popular auto shows in the world. Car-lovers know that the event is held in Germany every other autumn, as…
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[Infographic] Quick-Guide to Automobile Tires

Tires should never hit the pavement without an automotive pro giving them the go ahead. Professionals in auto careers can read tire sidewalls like safety manuals, identifying the information they…
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VW “Dieselgate” Scandal: An Update for Students Taking Automotive Courses

In one of the biggest automotive scandals in recent years, Volkswagen officials have confessed to installing a “defeat device” in half a million of their diesel vehicles. The device was…
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Pursuing an Auto Career? See How Porsche Plans to Challenge Tesla with Its New EV

Since Tesla’s debut into the automotive industry, the company has proven itself as a serious competitor for major luxury car brands. However, German luxury automaker Porsche has recently stepped up…
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Top 3 Closing Techniques for Students Pursuing Auto Sales Training

Positions in sales and management are among the most lucrative careers in the automotive industry. With the right training and expertise, jobs in this field can earn you up to…
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