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Toyota and Mazda to Collaborate on New Auto Technology

Two Japanese automotive powerhouses will be teaming up to create some pretty advanced vehicles soon. Recently, Toyota Motor Corp. and its rival, Mazda, have announced that they will be putting…
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Takata Corp. Has Acknowledged Their Airbags Are Defective

Last Tuesday, Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata Corp. declared that their airbag inflator mechanisms are defective in 33.8 million vehicles, setting in motion the largest auto recall campaign in US history….
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What Does BMW Have in Store for 2017?

BMW is no doubt one of the most prolific automakers of the 20th and 21st centuries. As the manufacturer of top of the line motorcycles, Formula 1 race cars, and…
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Consumer Reports Says $127k Tesla Model S P85D is “Undriveable”

Most auto professionals have probably heard of the term “lemon” before. Some readers may have even purchased a “lemon” in their lifetime. For those readers who are unaware, a lemon…
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4 Essential Tips for A Successful Auto Sales Career

Starting out as the new salesperson at a dealership can seem quite intimidating at first. There are seasoned salespeople competing over potential customers as they arrive, and when you haven’t…
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