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Canada’s 2015 Green Car of the Year is the Kia Soul EV

When you complete your training to become a mechanic and join the ranks of other qualified auto technicians, you’ll discover that hybrid, electric and other eco-conscious car models are becoming…
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Advances in Car Headlight Technology

Headlights have been part of car designs pretty much since the early development of automobiles. An automotive service technician will check a vehicle’s headlights as readily as its tires—because broken…
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Kenguru: The World’s First Truly Wheelchair Accessible Car

Trained professionals who have taken auto mechanic courses are capable of making a car wheelchair accessible, however this is certainly no easy (or cheap) task. There are currently very few…
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Top Cars by Decade: The 1910s

The period between 1910 and 1919 was nothing short of revolutionary for the automobile industry. By 1910 there were around 500,000 motor vehicles cruising the streets of America. People no…
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Introducing the All-New 725 Horsepower “Rocket” Mustang

Henrik Fisker, the Danish auto design legend, recently teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) to create the “Rocket”: a coach-built, 725 horsepower, carbon fiber Mustang. “When Henrik Fisker showed…
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