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Incredible Car Audio Advancements

Any auto sales college graduate can tell you that when buying a new car, most people consider three main categories. There’s what’s under the hood, which indicates how fast, smooth,…
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BMW and Toyota Reportedly Teaming Up for the Mini Minor

As the old saying goes, good things come in small packages – and it looks like BMW and Toyota are setting out to prove just that. It seems like it…
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A Three-Wheeled Foam Car? Introducing the Pedestrian-Safe Spira4U

In the 60s cult TV show Gilligan’s Island, after years of being stranded on an island, the Professor designs a working car made of bamboo and powered by coconuts. Though…
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Rollercoaster Driving: Reactions to Tesla’s “Insane Mode”

Tesla Motors is a company that is used to eliciting emotional responses from its products. These responses are generally joy at the prospect of an electric vehicle, or wonder at…
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2015 Montreal Auto Show Roundup

January was a good month for Montreal auto lovers. For nearly two weeks, downtown’s Palais des congrès was filled with the best in European, Japanese and North American-made cars –…
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