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The 10-Year Road to Driverless Vehicles: Is it Feasible?

What was once torn from the pages of science fiction a decade ago is now inching closer to becoming a reality. It looks like cars may very well be driving…
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Performance Cars Are Back and Better than Ever!

Everyone even remotely connected to the auto industry, from people with full-blown automotive careers to casual weekend drivers, has noticed it. The performance car has lost its appeal over the…
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1980s “Sky Commuter” Flying Car Prototype Sold at Auction

This is 2015. Fans of the 1989 film Back to the Future Part 2 all know that this October, Marty McFly is supposed to arrive in Hill Valley, California from…
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Google Glass Deemed as Dangerous as Texting and Driving

Until recently, combining an auto career with a job at Google meant you either drove a Google Street View car, or were the person who graduated from auto mechanic courses…
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Ford F-150 Named the 2014 Truck of the Year

North America is currently one of the largest manufacturers and consumers of automobiles in the world. Did you know that in the past several years, 71% of Detroit’s auto profits…
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