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Auto Reconditioning for Used Cars

Throughout the last century, musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits have waxed nostalgic about the glory of older cars.  So iconic has the image of the ol’ 55 sitting…
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Are Smart Cars the Future of Driving?

When Smart cars first hit the market in the late 1990s, professionals pursuing automotive careers were very interested to see what affect they would have on the overall car market….
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Memorable Cars in the Movies Part 2 (2000s-)

The wait is finally over! You may have enjoyed our list of memorable movie cars from 1950-2000, but now we’re heading into this century. So without any further ado, here…
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4 Things to Research When Buying a New Car

Driver’s license: check. Savings for a new car: check. Parking spot permit for your building: check. Congratulations! You’ve covered the basic auto-shopper checklist, so you must be ready to head…
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Crowdfunded Cars: When Small Ideas Hit the Big Time

“Crowdfunding” is becoming a growing trend in automotive development, and if you plan on pursuing an automotive career in the near future, read on to learn about how this new…
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