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Porsche Hosts Exclusive Event in Sistine Chapel

During his election last year, Pope Francis reminded all of his followers that the mission of the church is to serve the poor. This year, the Pope has made good…
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Top 5 Apps for Auto-Lovers

Recent graduates of mechanic colleges can confirm that today’s vehicles are made with more tech features than ever before—from innovative navigation systems, to integrated service functions that can connect you…
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Tips for Protecting Car Re-sale Value

If you’ve ever looked into purchasing a brand-new vehicle, it’s likely that someone has warned you that all cars depreciate in value the minute they’re driven off the lot—and they’re…
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Hover boards and Maglev Trains: Are Levitating Cars Next?

Hover boards and hover cars are the beloved highlights of science fiction favourites. From an early age, these futuristic devices from The Jetsons, Back to the Future and Star Wars…
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Understanding Exhaust System Repair

Recent graduates of mechanic colleges can understand the importance of maintaining a well-functioning exhaust system. The exhaust piping system in a vehicle is used to collect and convert the gases…
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