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How to Open an Auto Body Shop

For someone wanting to open an auto body shop of their own, it goes without saying that you will need fixed operations or auto mechanic training and have received a…
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Most Challenging Car Repairs

Fewer people these days are choosing to repair their own cars, instead wisely opting to bring their vehicles to an automotive service technician. This is due partially to the complexity…
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Special Maintenance Considerations for Supercharged Cars

There are several automobile companies with supercharged cars—Cadillac and Camaro may immediately come to mind for automotive technicians. A supercharged car has an air compressor attached to the engine in…
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Turning Dandelions into Car Tires

Anyone taking auto mechanic courses or training to become an auto technician knows that tire wear is a reoccurring issue for vehicle-owners – although it’s not always easy to pinpoint…
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Subaru Planning a Plug-in Diesel Hybrid SUV

Those training for automotive careers or undergoing car sales training will be pleased to know that Subaru is embarking into exciting new territory with the release of a plug-in diesel…
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