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What Happens with a Totaled Car?

Those in auto mechanic careers have seen their fair share of totaled vehicles. Say you’ve been in an accident and things look pretty bad. You’re wondering if maybe your car’s…
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Highlights from Vancouver’s Luxury and Supercar Weekend

If you were in Vancouver this past weekend, you’ll be kicking yourself if you didn’t attend the 2014 Vancouver Luxury and Supercar show. Tickets to this event are much cheaper…
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The Future of Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen is not a power source, but rather an energy carrier. In a fuel cell vehicle, a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen occurs in a fuel cell, which then generates…
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Effective Auto Body Repair Methods

If you’ve been in a car accident or even just obtained a single dent, there are several methods of auto repair used today depending on the type of damage that…
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Comparing Hydraulic vs Electric Steering

Ever since the invention and further development of electric power steering (EPS) in the 1990`s, automobile companies have been improving the electric system so it may eventually become the only…
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