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Repairing Heavy Duty Vehicles

To be classified as a heavy duty vehicle, a truck must be in the class 7 or 8 ranking. Compared to a class 1 Toyota Tacoma which is a lightweight…
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Volvo Seeks Reinvention with New Crossover

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has been renowned historically as one of the safest brand of vehicles on the market. Many studying in mechanic colleges may hope to work for such…
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Infographic: How Electric Cars Work

Whether or not you’re pursuing auto careers, it has been impossible to ignore the emerging trend towards electric cars. Motivated primarily by environmental and efficiency benefits, including reduced oil dependency,…
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Advances in Automated Auto Estimating

If you have ever been in a car accident, or perhaps if you work as an automotive service technician, you’ll have had experience with an auto estimator. Auto estimators work…
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Will Auto Enthusiasts See More Utes?

If you happen to be driving in Australia, you may see an abundance of utility vehicles, short form “utes”, driving on the roads there. These types of cars with a…
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