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Fueling your Diesel Vehicle with Vegetable Oil

Innovating upon the ways we use natural resources is one of the key ambitions of today’s society. We are aware our resources are limited, and that is why scientists, automotive…
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Becoming an Auto Insurance Adjuster

Let’s say we’re in the middle of a busy intersection—one car is trying to make a yellow light and hits another car going straight on the green. In some cases…
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Advances in Solar Powered Race Cars

So you have an interest in automotive careers, but are looking for a new challenge? There is a modern classification of vehicles which has only been in development for twenty…
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Paintless Dent Repair and Careers as a Dent Doctor

Dents and scratches are an inevitable part of being on the road, or exposed to the elements. But even though drivers expect a certain amount of wear and tear on…
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Is Nissan Leaf “World’s Cleanest Car”?

Recently debuted in Nashville, Tennessee, the new Nissan Leaf has been dubbed the “world’s cleanest car.” Now for most of us, “clean” in this context means a zero-emissions 100% electric…
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