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Top 4 Best Off-Road Vehicles

In the early 1990s, almost all SUVs on the market were off-road trucks designed to handle rough trails, mountain paths and dirt roads. Today, consumers want vehicles that are lighter…
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Transportation Compliance and Safety Careers

When it comes to the world of vehicles and automotive careers, it should be no surprise that the most important goal is keeping everyone safe. Over the past few decades,…
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Latest in Racecar Technology

One reason why the world of car racing is so exciting is that the technology is constantly evolving. Every year, teams invest a considerable amount of money into research and…
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Auto Detailing for Dealer Preparation

Auto detailing is an important and often overlooked job in the realm of auto careers. Even though we value power, speed and fuel efficiency in a vehicle, there’s nothing that’s…
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Understanding Brake Bleeding

Brake fluid is one of the most essential parts of your automobile, and any auto mechanic training will hammer that home for you. The proper changing and refilling of brake…
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