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High Performing Cars of the World Cup’s Stars

With the World Cup in full swing, most people’s minds are focused solely on soccer, with all other interests falling by the wayside. However, since we’re all about auto careers…
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Exploring the Strangest Car Festivals

It’s no secret that automotive shows are an important part about what makes car culture such a big phenomenon. Whether it’s the excitement that builds when rumours about what cars…
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Gumball 3000 Rally

The annual Gumball 3000 Rally has just wrapped up for another year, and with it – as always – came a slew of insane and exciting events. For anyone in…
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Applying the Skim Coat in Automotive Painting

If you want your car to look the best it can, automotive painting can get extremely involved and intricate. In its basic form, automotive painting can be a fairly easy…
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What Tesla’s Open Source Design Means for Auto Careers

Traditionally, in the business world, if you’re the owner of a patent on an extremely successful business venture, you do everything within your power short of burying it underground to…
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