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Infographic: Evolution of the Auto Mechanic Career in Quebec

It has been a long road to reach today’s level of highly qualified automotive mechanics, but did you know about Quebec’s role in the development of the auto industry? This…
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Pros and Cons of Turbo Charged Engines

Speed and power go hand in hand as the most exciting attractions about auto careers and car culture. There are countless movies about cars flying about at breakneck speed, and…
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Replacing Spark Plug Wires

It may not be the most expensive part in your car and it’s definitely not the most exciting – but the spark plug (and wire) is unquestionably one of the…
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Alfa Romeo: From the Montreal to the 4C

Alfa Romeo is world renowned for building some of the most lavish and well made automobiles on the market, a symbol of class and comfort. An absolute dream for an…
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Best Family Cars on the Market

After you’ve found that special someone and have started to settle down, your idea of a great car can change pretty fast. When previously it was all about speed, features…
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