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The Felino cB7: Canada’s Supercar

In the automotive world these days, supercars are all the rage at the various automotive shows happening around the globe. Nothing creates quite as much buzz as an insanely turbocharged…
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What Could Solar Roadways Mean for Auto Careers?

No doubt that you’ve seen, or at least heard mention of the idea of solar roadways, the fascinating proposed technological undertaking that’s spreading like wildfire around the internet and social…
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Load Planning in Transportation

When it all comes down to it, much of the transportation industry is centred on one specific idea: lowering cost. While efficiency and speed rank high on the list of…
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Safety Concerns with Automotive Customization

While customizing their car is a great way for car aficionados to make their vehicle truly theirs, or breathe new life into an older model, it can also create a…
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How Rapid Prototyping is Transforming Auto Parts

The automotive industry is currently going through a transformative period. Carmakers today must act quickly and smartly, anticipating market changes to bring affordable, exciting new products to consumers. To do…
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