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2014 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

The Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is finally underway! Running until February 23rd, the automotive show is one of the largest and most celebrated in the world, held this year…
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Mercedes Benz C Class 2015: Just Beautiful

As an automaker, Mercedes-Benz has always been known for its elegance, its class and its ability to make beautiful cars that are not only luxurious but extremely well made. Their…
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Career Spotlight: Compliance and Safety Specialist

When it comes to the automotive industry, safety is the number one concern. Since the inception of the automobile over a century ago, we’ve been striving to make them safer,…
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Auto Sales Trends and New Digital Tools for Car Buying

These days, technology moves fast – we’re talking 400 horsepower fast. This means that the speed at which auto manufacturers are releasing new cars with the latest and greatest technologies…
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Mazda is Most Fuel Efficient Automaker According to the EPA

Environmentalists, car enthusiasts and people obsessed with getting every last drop of gasoline out of their tank have cause to celebrate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just named Mazda…
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