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Geneva Motor Show 2014 is Upon Us

Running from March 6th to March 16th, the Geneva Motor Show is one of the most celebrated and anticipated automotive shows in the world, always featuring a couple of amazing…
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Career Focus: Automotive Glass Technicians

These days, embarking on a career in one of the trades is an excellent way to find a rewarding and dependable job. There is a growing market in British Columbia…
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Career Spotlight: Automotive Futurist

Because technology moves at such an incredibly rapid pace these days, people need to have their fingers directly on the pulse of new trends, new designs and new innovations all…
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Automotive Careers: Classic Car Restorer

As a society, we’re getting more and more obsessed with looking back into the past – we love nostalgia. From vinyl records making a comeback to people reliving the fashions…
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Parajet SkyRunner All-Terrain Flying Car

Remember all of those futuristic television shows like the Jetsons that promised us amazing technological possibilities like the flying car? Well, as it turns out, the reality of the flying…
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