2014 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto

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The Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is finally underway! Running until February 23rd, the automotive show is one of the largest and most celebrated in the world, held this year at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto. With over 600,000 feet of automotive beauty and brilliance, this year’s show has a few tricks up its sleeve, such as the Auto Exotica exhibit which showcases some of the rarest and most beautiful cars in the world. There’s a ton of stuff happening at the show this year, so we’ve decided to help by collecting some of the biggest and brightest highlights of the show to help you decide where to start.

Car of the Year

In what can only be called a shocking judgment, it was announced that this year’s car of the year as voted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada was the 2014 Mazda 6. This drew shock and confusion from a large portion of the media, as it had been assumed that the Corvette Stingray – which was named car of the year at the Detroit show recently – would be a shoe-in at the Canadian International Auto Show. Guess we in automotive careers in Toronto shouldn’t make assumptions!

The gorgeous Mazda 6 sports a 184-horsepower engine with Mazda’s celebrated SkyActiv engine technology as well as incredibly crisp handling and a jaw-dropping 38 mpg highway. It’s not hard to see how this beauty stole the hearts of journalists all across the country.

The prestigious truck of the year award went to Jeep’s Grand Cherokee SUV.

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Muscle Car Alley

For all you muscle car enthusiasts, this place is pretty close to heaven. Featuring some of the most jaw-dropping muscle cars the world has to offer, Muscle Car Alley is sure to get your adrenaline going. This year is a tribute to the legendary king of muscle cars, the 1968 Dodge Dart. As well as the normal fleet of Dodge Chargers and Challengers, Muscle Car Alley will also feature Richard Petty’s NASCAR winning blue Super Bird. The exhibit is located on Level 700 of the South Building of the convention centre.

Volkswagen Children’s Playcare Centre

If you don’t want to leave the kids at home, why not plop them down in the Volkswagen Children’s Playcare Centre where they can colour, watch DVDs, get their faces painted and more! It’s a free day care service provided by the local Volkwagen Dealers, which is a nice gesture for hardworking parents.

Volkswagen has long been a supporter of the Canadian International Auto Show, and debuted its Jetta hybrid at last year’s show:

Auto Exotica

Located on the 100 Level, the Auto Exotica exhibit showcases some of the coolest cars in the world, and there’s something for everyone here. Whether it’s an old classic like the first Volkwagen Rabbit C, a new, groundbreaking concept car or a wealth of luxury vehicles like Aston Martins and Maseratis, this exhibit collects in one place the most awesome pieces of automotive eye candy you’ve ever seen. It will make anyone want to take up automotive training in Toronto – a must visit for anyone who appreciates the finer qualities in automobiles!

So whether you want to scope out old muscle cars or just get a feel for the incoming 2015 models, the Canadian International Auto Show has everyone covered, whether you’re taking mechanic courses in Toronto or a Sunday driver. It’s running until February 23rd so check it out!

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