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Harley-Davidson’s Project Rushmore Brings More Rush

There’s no better summer experience for many auto lovers than racing down a back road on a motorcycle with the wind rushing by and the engine roaring beneath you. Harley-Davidson…
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Elegance on Display at Pebble Beach

The New York Times compares it to the Olympics of the automobile universe and Jay Leno calls it “the best car show in the world.” Every year on the third…
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Solar Powered Vehicles on the Rise!

Have you been feeling more energetic now that summer is bringing us sunnier days? Auto makers are paying attention and have been busy developing exciting innovations involving solar-powered vehicle design….
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Alternative Vehicles That Will Change the Way You Envision Transport

The future was supposed to look like a scene from the Fifth Element or Blade Runner with hover cars that fly and sleek futuristic modes of transportation that could take…
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