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WaterCar Panther is Ambitiously Amphibious

Just in time for summer, a new promotional video has been making the rounds for the WaterCar Panther from the self-described makers of the world’s fastest amphibious vehicles. If you’ve…
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A Surrey Auto Dealer Caps a Successful Career

As sales of new vehicles have been steadily rising, the number of sales jobs in Canada’s automotive industry are nearing a record high. The first few months of 2013 saw…
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The End of Mosler’s Supercars

The recent acquisition of supercar builders Mosler and Rossion by RP High Performance will bring a sad end to the Mosler brand. It is an opportunity for us to admire…
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Pagani’s New Zonda Revolucion is the Ultimate Supercar

Pagani just unveiled the latest, and likely the last, in its line of ultra-high-performance Zonda supercars: the Revolucion. Since automotive engineer Horacio Pagani started his company in 1992, it has…
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