1st Annual Dragster Race at Automotive Training Centre – Toronto

Automotive Training Centre Dragster RaceGoodbye Indy 500. See you later Grand Prix. So long NHRA!

At our Toronto Campus, this was the race of the year and a battle to the very end. A race of acceleration on a track between 2 vehicles. This is an extreme sport where success is measured in thousandths of a second.

Each Automotive Technology class submitted their bid to create a dragster race car so impressive that they would be legends to come. Students aerodynamically carved and painted the perfect wooden machine to harness a CO2 canister force so mighty that it could even make Superman cry.

Each winner would move on to the next battle. And what was this all for? Mostly bravado. It was the willingness to work as a team with a common goal to create great things together.

Thank you to all the ATC students who took part in this exciting event. A special thanks to Instructor Paul McArthur for organizing the event.


Fastest Dragster: Bill’s morning class

Best-looking Dragster: Paul’s evening class

Check out the videos below!

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