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When you pursue training at the Automotive Training Centre, you benefit from our professional network and the excellent reputation of our school. Our instructors are experts who are still active in the automotive industry. They continually update their knowledge and ensure that our programs integrate the latest techniques and reflect the needs of the industry. Your training at the Automotive Training Centre will make you the ideal candidate for jobs in the automotive industry in your area.

Your training will end with a hands-on internship, which will help prepare you for the job market. The internship will not only give you a chance to enhance your auto-career knowledge, but it will also help you develop relationships with automotive professionals in your area. Most of our students find a job right after graduating due to this internship.

Many career opportunities are open to ATC graduates: the employment in Quebec’s automotive sector is rapidly growing, partially because of a shortage of skilled workers and the retirement of many professionals. Your highly marketable skills will also allow you to work in many different types of companies. However, if you have trouble finding a job, the Automotive Training Centre will assist you during your search.

As a graduate of ATC, you will have access to:

  • Our bulletin board: We regularly post relevant job offers available in your area.
  • Our industry network: Many of our partners who have worked with our graduates know the quality of the education given at the Automotive Training Centre. They call us when they have open positions.
  • Our referencing system: Our instructors refer you to potential employers. The relationships that you share with them will make their references an added value in your job search.

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