Automotive Service Advisor Salaries in Vancouver

As an Automotive Service Advisor, you earn a salary automotive service, plus a bonus or commission structure. That means better performance leads to better pay. On average, you can expect your salary automotive service to be $60,000, plus benefits – even more if you are a top performer. Think about that – you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a guaranteed base salary – plus the satisfaction of knowing you have the potential to earn additional income.

Any job in the services sector is a good bet because government statistics show that a lot of retirements (about 45%) are expected in “Sales & Service” and “Business, Finance and Administration” over the next five years. That means almost one out of every two jobs in those sectors will need to be filled by new employees. Better still, Canada is expected to generate one million new jobs over the next five years – and 75% of those jobs will be in the service sector. In short, if you want to increase your chances of getting employed – and staying employed – a career in a service job like an automotive service advisor makes good sense.

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