Automotive Service Advisor Training in Vancouver and Montreal

A Service Advisor’s main responsibility is to interpret customer concerns for the auto mechanic, so that the mechanic can diagnose and repair problems correctly. The advisor then translates the actual repair problem, which may be very complicated, into language the customer can understand. Auto Service Advisors also work with customers to schedule service and handle administrative aspects of customer service departments.

These days, the very nature of the automobile is changing, with technological advances altering engines, transmissions, fuel injection and more. It’s important, therefore, that both mechanics and customers stay informed about service needs and maintenance schedules for particular models. The person depended on to provide this information is the Automotive Service Advisor (also known as a Service Consultant or Service Writer).

In an increasingly competitive environment, providing superior customer service is the name of the game, and Auto Service Advisors are playing an increasingly important role in the automotive repair industry. There is, fittingly, a constant demand for trained, experienced Service Consultants, with immediate job openings on a continuous, yearlong basis.

Automotive Service Advisor Job Duties

The job duties of an Auto Service Advisor may include:

  • Greeting customers and scheduling service appointments
  • Cataloguing customers concerns and comments
  • Writing service orders and descriptions of problems and repairs
  • Translating customers’ repair problems into standard repair terminology
  • Explaining repairs to customers
  • Test-driving vehicles to confirm service repairs
  • Estimating the cost and time needed for repairs
  • Handling customer complaints

Auto Service Advisor Salaries

The salary of a Service Advisor can vary depending on the candidate’s experience and the location and size of the dealership, among other things. Nevertheless, Auto Service Advisor salaries are, on average, between $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

auto Service advisor TRAINING at the ATC Surrey Campus

auto Service advisor TRAINING AT THE atc Montreal Campus

This program is only offered in French in Montreal. For more information, please click on the following link:

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