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Automotive Parts Careers

Why it pays to choose Auto Parts Careers

As automobile technology has become more advanced, there has been a correspondingly increase in the demand for formally trained auto parts consultants who understand the complexities of new innovations such as hydrogen and fuel cell engines and cutting edge automotive plastics and metals.

Moreover, since even a single brand has numerous makes and models, and an ever increasing number of model years, parts management is far more than a warehouse job. In fact, parts consultants require highly technical training on how to use computer software and inventory control programs – and the best place to get started in Auto Parts Careers in at the Automotive Training Centres.

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Why Choose ATC?

Here are 4 reasons to choose Automotive Training Centre

Smaller classes for better learning outcomes

Flexible schedule: study while you work

Professional real world, industry experienced instructors

Intense hands-on training so you can master your skill set

Shakeil Roberts Automotive Technology

1 – Why did you choose ATC?
Because it’s a short course and has good reviews.

2 – What are the people like at ATC?
Very helpful and friendly also very humble.

3 – What kind of person should go to ATC?
Someone who is serious about the course and is ready to work hard.

4 – How do you feel your training at ATC has given you an edge?
I feel I have an edge because of the pace of the material. That same pace gives me a big edge at work and gets me ready for the occasional rush.

5 – What are your benefits of attending ATC?
I am doing what I love, good at it and saved myself a year of schooling. I get a taste of the work place a lot earlier.

6 – Why would you recommend ATC to someone else?
I would recommend ATC because it gets you ready to work. You have all the knowledge you need to begin your career.

7 – What is the overall feeling about your experience at ATC?
Overall my experience was amazing. I learned a lot. I’m happy I chose here because now I can move on with my future goal having had an excellent foundation here at ATC.

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