Game Based Automotive Technology Training

Game-Based Automotive Mechanic Training

Now students at Automotive Training Centres have an exciting new learning resource to help them become more prepared mechanics. Instead of a textbook, we use the celebrated ARGO e-learning platform to visually demonstrate the inner workings of automotive components and technologies. Leveraging the same innovative technology that powers today’s most sophisticated video games, the platform uses an interactive, game-based format that is visually immersive and frequently updated to ensure the most comprehensive and relevant training possible.

With hundreds of fine-tuned lessons, students can experience real-time simulations and 3D animations of complex ideas with ease, investigating the intricacies of auto mechanics like never before. It is a fun way to learn, encouraging guided self-discovery through a series of interactive tasks for deeper insights and more effective knowledge retention. If you love cars, our game-based automotive technology training is the best way to prepare yourself for a rewarding career.

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