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Pursue a career as an auto service advisor Toronto

Customer service has always been a priority. Today it is a top priority because no automotive company can succeed in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace without offering a very high level of customer service.

Put simply, automotive companies need service staff that have formal training on how to deliver unmatched customer service – and that is exactly what you get with ATC’s auto service advisor Toronto training program.

More good reasons why it pays to become an auto service advisor Toronto

  • 70% of all new job created over the next five years are expected to require some form of post-secondary education/training
  • 31% of all new jobs will be in the Sales and Service sectors — Source: 1998 Labour Force Survey and the COPS Demand Model (1999)
  • Service sector will experience continuous growth in employment opportunities between now and 2007.
  • The Automotive industry has experienced 154% growth since1994 “Sales and Service, and Business, Finance and Administration will account for more than 45% of all retirements over the next five years.” — Source: Jobfutures.ca, Applied Research Branch, HRDC and Statistics Canada

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