Launch a career in finance and insurance with industry proven F&I training

Business Manager Training Toronto (This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005)

Interested in finance and insurance? Then you will want to invest in F&I training that provides everything you need to succeed in this career. That means you will acquire excellent leadership and communication skills and have the expertise required to handle the financial and legal aspects of a sales transaction.

Key elements of the F&I training program

  • Business Manager’s Role in the Dealership
  • Financial Institutions & Their Requirements
  • Getting the Contracts Purchased
  • Credit Reporting Overview
  • Understanding Credit Scores and Risks
  • Reading Credit Reports
  • Prequalification Using Credit Reports
  • Cash Conversions
  • Bank Conversions
  • Use a Customer-Friendly, Aggressive F & I Process
  • Qualify Your Customer, Use The Right Words
  • Product Knowledge
  • Menu Selling Leasing Skills & Techniques

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