Mercedes-Benz Opens the World’s First Fuel-Cell Plant in Burnaby, B.C. | Automotive Training Centre

Burnaby is now home to the world’s very first automative fuel cell manufacturing plant. Owned and operated by Mercedes-Benz Canada, the plant had its official opening late last month.

It may have been surprising for some to find out that Mercedes-Benz decided to open the plant in Burnaby instead of in any one of the world’s other auto-industry hubs, like Detroit, California, or Stuttgart, Germany. But the choice to open the plant right here in B.C. came with the knowledge that this province is leading the way in fuel-cell research.

“Our company has always had an unwavering commitment to innovation,” said Tim A. Reuss, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada, “and we recognize that this same spirit exists here in British Columbia.”

The plant will specialize in both research and manufacturing of fuel-cell technology. So what does this mean for careers in auto? Well, for one thing, a huge part of the manufacturing portion will rely on the production of the drivetrains of fuel-cell cars. We all know how fast the popularity of electric motor cars has risen in the past decade, due partly because of the globe’s widespread shift towards more sustainable practices. The way it’s looking, the demand for hydrogen vehicles will continue to grow. In fact, the Mercedez-Benz B-Class F-Cell is first up on the plant’s agenda, with plans to have the vehicle on the market in 2015.

Soon enough, every Auto Service Technician will need to know the ins and outs of fuel-cell technology. The new plant has already created 50 on-site jobs and expects that it will need to expand employment opportunities in the future to correspond with the growth of the fuel-cell industry as a whole.

For those of you who think that you have to be a certified fuel-cell expert to be a part of this new technology wave, you better think again. Many people with certification from mechanic colleges go on to work in production and manufacturing plants, allowing them to be as close as they can get to the innovative product lines that are streaming into the auto industry.

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