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3 Things Auto Body Technicians Can Learn from Elvis Presley’s Restored BMW 507

For decades, Elvis Presley’s old BMW 507—of which only 257 were ever built—had been sitting in a garage out of service since the early 1970s. That all changed when it…
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3 Automotive CyberSecurity Facts for Those Considering Auto Technology School

Students who receive auto technology training understand how cars are made Technological advancements are popping up faster than any of us could have anticipated. The world today looks different than…
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4 Essential Steps to a Flawless Auto Painting ‘Touch Up’ Job

When a client enters your garage with only a slight scratch or scuff in the paint, you obviously don’t want to repaint the whole car. These types of accidents happen…
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2 Ways Millennial Consumers Are Changing the Auto Technology Industry

One of the main reasons automakers focus on developing new technology is to cater to the demands of consumers. As years pass, new generations in our population will have different…
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Auto Technology in Motorsport: A Guide to Zero-Emissions Racing

Is the future of motorsports electric? Earlier this month, motorsport governing body the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) threw its support behind plans for the Electric GT World Series, the…
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