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3 Bacterial ‘Hot Spots’ for Grads of Auto Detailing Training to Look Out For

Drivers can be a bit messy from time to time. They might be driving home after a hike outdoors, grabbing some grub after a long day at work, or heading…
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3 Tough Stains You’ll Remove from Car Interiors After Auto Detailing Training

In the coming decade, experts in car detailing will become more and more in demand. This is because many baby boomers who have been working in the industry for thirty-plus…
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3 Of The Best Car Dryers For Auto Detailing Career Pros

When performing an auto detailing job for clients, the last step is usually to wash and dry the automobile before presenting the car back to the customer. Washing cars isn’t…
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3 Plastic and Rubber Trim Care Tips for Students in an Auto Detailing Course

An automobile’s beauty is often found in its details. Take the beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom for instance; it features hand-stitched leather and hand-picked wood veneers that adorn the interior, meaning the…
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Professional Automotive Detailing 101: How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer

Pressure washing a car can make it look new once again, and should be a tool that every auto detailing professional knows how to operate effectively. Pressure washers operate by…
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