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Factory Fresh: What Students in Mechanic Colleges Need to Know About New Car Development

New cars are released or updated every year. They offer new technologies, new design flourishes, and other important modifications and upgrades that are meant to entice drivers to make the…
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Don’t Miss Automotive Training Centre’s Open House if You’re Interested in Careers in the Auto Industry!

There are so many mechanic colleges out there that it can be difficult to tell what truly sets a top auto college apart from the rest. In order to determine…
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What Causes Car Vibrations? A Look at What Students in Auto Mechanic Training Need to Know

The more you learn as an auto mechanic, the more you’ll realize that when a vehicle starts malfunctioning, there are many different reasons why the problem could be occurring. Being…
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3 Signs Students in Mechanic Colleges Should Watch for if They Suspect a Car Battery Is Dying

Car batteries always seem to die at the worst times, like when a driver is running late for work, or late at night when nobody is around. If someone had…
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The Hybrid Car That Broke a Guinness World Record: A Look at the Niro for Students in Mechanic Colleges

The hybrid vehicle industry is becoming increasingly saturated with great options. However, the options available are mainly compact cars and sedans. Car buyers who are looking for bigger and roomier…
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