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3 Trucking Fuel Efficiency Tips for Students in Dispatcher Training

  Trucking is, by far, the Canadian industry most responsible for the cross-country movement of goods and cargo. As such, it is also disproportionately responsible for carbon emissions. Some estimates…
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4 Ways for Recent Graduates of Dispatch Training to Foster Strong Relationships With Their Drivers

In 2014, over 72 per cent of produced goods that were shipped throughout Canada used the road. In other words, they were driven by truckers. The trucking industry has played…
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Considering Dispatcher Courses? Check Out 5 of the Most Reliable Trucks in the World

With an average lifespan of somewhere between 800,000 to 3 million kilometers, a big rig truck needs to be built to last. While a good fleet manager knows the importance…
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How ‘Ice Road Trucking’ Works For Dispatch Course Students

Canada is the second largest country in the world, but ranks only 38th in total population, meaning that there’s a lot of space for drivers to travel. In fact, only…
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Dispatch Training 101: Conducting the Perfect Pre-Trip Inspection

With the right dispatch training, you could begin a rewarding career in transport. You might soon manage a fleet, or work as an operations manager—once you finish your training, the…
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