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3 Things Students in Dispatch Schools Need to Know About Heavy Load Trucking

Driving down the highway, you’ve probably come across massive trucks carrying such heavy loads that you’re left amazed. These are not regular trucks carrying regular cargo. In fact, heavy load…
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Road Navigation: 4 Top-Rated Truck GPS Units You’ll See after Dispatch Training

Global positioning systems (GPS) are in many ways a dispatcher’s best friend. They enable truck drivers and dispatchers to seamlessly communicate and get loads delivered faster, more efficiently, and without…
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Planning for Cross Border Shipments: 3 Tips For Dispatch Course Students

Canada and the United States have the world’s longest shared border, and they also have one of the world’s longest-standing trade agreements. There are nearly 30,000 commercial trucks that cross…
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3 Ways New FMCSA Truck Driving Regulations Will Impact Dispatch Training Grads

Rules and regulations for driving can change over time, often a result of new technologies or research studies. If you’re planning to start dispatch training, being up-to-date on both Canadian…
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Taking Dispatch Courses? Here are the Top 3 Routing Programs of 2016

Dispatchers are responsible for handling a wide range of tasks. They organize routes, communicate with truck drivers and customers, and they keep an eye on cargo once it’s on the…
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