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What the Approval of the Ambassador Bridge Expansion Means for Students in Dispatch Courses

Billions of dollars’ worth of goods pass between Canada and the USA every single year. Whether it’s by boat, rail, truck, or air, trade between Canada and the USA is…
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Here’s What Students in Dispatcher Training Need to Know About CVSA’s Annual International Roadcheck

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts inspections of thousands of commercial vehicles and drivers across North America in a 72-hour event known as the International Roadcheck. It’s an…
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The Fuel Cell-Powered Semi Toyota Hopes Will Impress Pros with Dispatcher Training

While the excitement surrounding battery-powered electric cars continues on, some companies remain steadfast in trying to get a hydrogen fuel-cell infrastructure and market established. To that end, Toyota recently unveiled…
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What Students in Dispatcher Training Need to Know About Transport Canada

While each individual province has its own transportation department, Transport Canada plays an important role regulating and monitoring the interprovincial trucking industry and improving safety conditions across Canada. As a…
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The Healthy Fleet Challenge: What Students in Dispatch Courses Need to Know

For a long time, health on the road has been a tricky thing to get right for truckers. Dispatchers and the rest of the trucking and transportation industry know that…
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